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Sadiq Group is one of the leading manufacturers of "Acrylic Yarn". We concern with most expanding business group in Pakistan, in manufacturers and having good name in the business community. Sadiq Group is like a family place where all of the workers feel very good and enjoying all the benefits and job satisfaction.

Sadiq Group is a group of companies consist of following units working in Pakistan.

Production Capacity: 50 M. Ton per month
Leading Manufacturers of Acrylic Yarn & Acrylic Wool (30:70, 50:50 or your desired blends)

The company is totally committed and aimed to produce quality worsted yarns for any section of textile trade in any count ,blend, fold or mixture.

The continuous research and development policy of the company and the modern state of art machinery are the factors those are contributing in the making and delivery of quality worsted yarn. Sadiq Group is entitled to introduce high bulk Autoconed, Single and Double Yarn.

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